365 Project : Day 003

Posted by Michael R. Cruz on 3 January 2010 2 Comments

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I’m starting to feeling it… It’s not easy but in a way its good because you learn to push yourself to your limits.

Today is day 3; I was in the office the whole day doing the stuff that I do pretty much all week and there I was, on my cubicle thinking of day 3.  I really couldn’t think of anything to shoot when you are answering e-mails at work.  Until it’s 6pm and it’s time go home.  This shot was taken on my way to the parking lot.  I just saw the nice reflection of the buildings and ding! ding! ding! there is my day 3!

Taken with my lovely small cam, Lumix LX3 :)  This is where I work, Dubai Internet City.

How I took this shot

Gear: Lumix LX3 and that’s pretty much it!
Settings: f2.0 | 8 seconds / Dynamic film mode

Post process:

  • Adjusted recovery slider, contrast, clarity and vibrance from ACR5.6
  • Cleaned in Photoshop CS4


See you in Day 4!


Posted by Michael R. Cruz   @   3 January 2010 2 comments
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Hi Michael! Thanks for sharing your pictures every single day. We are currently doing the Project 365 but haven’t uploaded the pictures yet.

You always do a great job!!!

Michael R. Cruz says:

Hey Josette… Thanks for dropping by!

I’m glad you like the pictures that I share… 365 is quite a challenge since not everyday you feel like shooting, but it does teach you a lot of stuff :)

Thanks again and happy new year! Give my regards to Jane.


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